Project Phoenix 

The professional vector and screen design app made for Kings

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Unleash the power of Fireworks and command an army that suits your design workflows

Fireworks puts your design and development process at ease together with many of the modern tools today such as Webflow, Macaw, Pixelmator, Flinto, Marvel and many more.

Existing Phoenix Features

Auto Save

With Auto Save, you can control at which intervals to save your document in the background while working on your designs. This minimize the chance of losing your work. It uses a toggle button where you have the ability to deactivate the Auto Save amazingly fast when you don’t need it. 

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Resize 9-slice Bitmap

Scaling a flatten bitmap interface like a button or navigation menu in your design has never been easy. Now you can just draw a marquee selection over the bitmap, Fireworks will calculate the pixels either to expand or contract the bitmap instantly.

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Now with Locker, it’s a great way to share work securely over the cloud with a client or to a team mate. You can change the password and set a message by using the Symbol Properties panel. This gives the flexibility to give users more control where necessary.

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Retina Scaler

One of the pain-point that designers faced is not able to view crisp vectors when using the zoom tool. Now with a click, you can jump into any zoom level to view and work on your vectors. This is specially useful when you need to export retina assets or want to work on the details of a retina vector design. Sweet!

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Add Fonts as Favourites

It can be cumbersome to run through the font menu over and over again for fonts. A good interface to work with fonts is very important. It can be done much better if you have the ability to add these fonts as favorite using the Font List panel. 

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Export Elements

Rather than specially preparing your mockups to export the assets, now you can export all visible elements of a Fireworks PNG file to individual PNG files with transparency. The element’s name is used as the filename too.

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Have you check out these extensions yet?

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Download ALL in a single zip


Sometimes the best stuff are really free.

Color Picker

Now it is easier to pick colors to apply the fill or stroke with just a click. All the colors swatches come with bigger previews and it automatically displays the color value for you.

Color Picker panel is definitely useful as it keeps track of the colors you've experimented and decide the colors theme you want to work with.

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UI Faces

UI Faces panel is a convenient place to store profile photos for your UX workflow.  It is easy to import faces and names when you need to create a persona.

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Your designs will look greater with icons.  Now you have an icons panel based on the Entypo font. The icons will insert into your canvas as a text object for easy manipulation.  For quick browsing, simply press a letter to jump to an icon in the collection.

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With Generator, exporting images is as simple as naming each folder or element with a file extension.  In the "Enabled" mode, all elements with the naming will export automatically in the background at an interval of 20sec.  Have multiple images to name?  No problem.  The panel lets you add file extension to a group of elements with just a click.

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Live Filters

Now you have more reasons to play even more with the filters. The panel offers intuitive way to add filter effects. Speed up your workflow with the new auto suggest that will activate the filter that match your keyword.  Have a favourite combination of effects?  No worries.  You can create filter presets for your design elements now!

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Project Colors

What makes Project Colors powerful from swatches is that it not only stores all the color information, it remembers the project you are working on - so the colors will show the next time you open your document.  Gradient colors can be saved too.  Assign labels to the colors to make them more descriptive.

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Retina Export

Retina Export helps you accomplish all the retina workflows you need.  You have the flexibility to export retina or standard graphic "@2x" naming  or using slices.

View video demo - Adding Retina Slice View video demo - Exporting Retina Slice View video demo - Create a non-retina page View video demo - Generate 1x / 2x assets

Layer Versions

There are times where you prefer to design some elements in a single page.  Layer Versions makes your Layers easier to manage, toggle any set of elements and opens up more workflows for you.

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Complex Vectors Objects

The Objects panel is a full featured panel that emphasize on simplicity and fast control for objects. It will list all the elements in a group or nested groups for you, offering endless possibilities to manipulate objects such as selection by object types or by defined style.

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Assets Collector

No more opening assets one by one or import into your Common Library.  With just a push of a button, it will grab all the assets you need from any folder sitting on your computer.

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Select Manager

Do you spend a lot of time selecting a group of similar elements? Now with Select Manager, you can filter objects you from a selection to get the elements you need.

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Designers iterates their work very frequently, but there is no better way to manage. Now with Revisions, changes to text, styles, symbols can be easily tracked and saved.  You can even browse through the Pages of the changes you made earlier on.

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Gradient Stroke

With a little creativitity, you can transform a simple stroke into a gradient to express the little nice touch in your designs.

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Whether you are looking through the screens emailed from a co-worker, prototyping or working on a design schedule, you will need to have full control with Pages.  With Screens you can import multiple screens and optimise all pages within a single click.

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Even now, there isn't a better way to present your designs. With Presentor, you can export all your pages into a single html with captions. You will love it when you see it working beautifully on an iPad. 

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Layers Control

Power up your layers management with Layers Control.  Change the layer order or search for an element name to select it, to make it easy to work with Layers.

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Local Preview

Local Preview lets you setup the localhost and preview the exported html via a web browser. Very useful to preview your design on mobile devices.


The Randomize panel is the panel for vector effects.  Enjoy remixing all the effects like blur, opacity and scale with user control and an ease of use.

Quick Font

Apply a font type to a selected text element in short time. The font name will filter the font list.

Paragraph Style

A panel to work with text styles.  The styles are arranged in a list view and also generate the css properties to copy to your editor or export as CSS.

Simple Text Editor

A text editor to edit a block of paragraph with ease.  You can also use it together with the CSS Properties panel to export a text element containing css values into a CSS file.

Text Panel

No more multiple color picks of a particular color you need.  Get a view of the colors stored.  These will be the master colors for your fills or stroke to your designs.

File Explorer

A panel that let you browse working documents and asset images right within Fireworks. Many features include - import images, add folders as favourites and image previews.

Image Report

Ever wish there's a image spec sheet for the developers to refer instead of individual images?  Now you can generate a report for their reference. You can even group images by their filenames to influence the layout generated.

Numeric Transform Pro

A much more refined transform tool for your every workflow needs.  It lets you scale or resize individual objects while retaining its position and there is a new "Step Transform" option that will create a dynamic scale or resize transformation.  The rotation feature lets you duplicate multiple objects using a angle value too. Now this is real transformation!


A texture panel that addon more texture patterns with a easy to use interface to work with your designs. This extension is contributed by Jaime Capuñay


Base64 Encode

Base64 Encode for Fireworks lets you encode a selected object or entire document to Data URIs. With this tool encoding an image to a Data URI is just a click away. You can copy to your clipboard for use in your CSS.

Why Data URIs?  While a Data URI typically results in a bigger page, it also removes the need for a request to the server. This could be one way to micro-optimize your site.  You can read more about it here.

Coming soon

Springboard is a big extension we are working on to completely overhaul Fireworks to overcome its limits and allow us to work on very big projects.  

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FAQ on the installation

How to install the extensions manually

1. Unzip the extension and copy all the extension file into the Command Panel folder of your Fireworks application

2. Restart the Fireworks program

3. Go to the Windows menu to look for the panel extension

I have installed the extension, but it appeared greyed out in the Windows menu?

What you just need to do is to clear the 2 preference files which is located as shown below. When FW is restarted, it will load a clean set of preference registering the new panels that are installed.

For Mac users, the path is
Users ▸ user_name ▸ Library ▸ Preferences ▸ Adobe Fireworks CS6

First Impressions

What others say

"Hope Project Phoenix is successful! We definitely need much better tooling, especially in the web design space"

"your extensions are absolutely fantastic!"

"Keep up the great work! You’re going to save Fireworks. If you keep coming out with tools like this no other platform will be able to catch up."

"You make my day, i just discover your project to relive Fireworks"

"every project around adobe fireworks must be supported !"

"Thrilled to see someone breathing life into what remains the best editor on the market!"

Project Phoenix is built to complement Fireworks by letting you choose the workflows you want to work with.  Every feature in Project Phoenix was well considered and tailored to overcome designers' pain points.

Don't shy away because there is no app like Fireworks. Seriously. 

2014: The Year for UI and UX Designers


And one more thing...

FW Play

FW Play panel will sync your Fireworks canvas to all other mobile device screen, you can check your design on phone or tablet in realtime.

- Sync all mobile devices amd computer when they're in the same WLAN

- Create web server automatically without install third-party software

- Reload picture immediately with single tap on your mobile device screen

- Customise app icon(favicon) while adding webpage to iphone/ipad home screen

Download HERE For MAX OS 10.9 and 10.10 users, read the guide to get FwPlay working . View Guide

I hope you'll enjoy Project Phoenix

This project is in the making for 2 years and I can't wait to get the extensions into your hands .  In the meantime, will appreciate your support on this project.

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Made with love

People I like to thank that contributes in one way or another and inspires me to start this project.

John Dunning . Aaron Beall . Matt Stow . Alan Musselman . Jim Babbage . Dee Sadler. Michel Bozgounov . Matt Curtis . WaveF . Littlebusters . Shigenori Tanaka and many many Fireworkers out there